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Projects and Research

The School of Education's Center for Research and Reform in Education focuses on obtaining, analyzing and distributing the very latest educational research to bring meaningful reform to America's underperforming public schools. Recent activities of the CRRE include:

  • Completion of a three-year national randomized evaluation of the Success for All whole school reform program that showed conclusive evidence of the program's superior results in student reading performance.
  • Initiation of a national, definitive, randomized evaluation comparing transitional bilingual, two-way bilingual, and English-only instruction in reading for native Spanish-speaking students.
  • Initiation of a longitudinal randomized evaluation in Northern Ireland of a program designed to improve children's social-emotional development, prosocial behavior, and mutual respect and understanding.
  • Completion of a one-year matched control study of the Success for All reading program on Chinese primary school students in Hong Kong, which showed positive results in reading outcomes.
  • A published review of research on language of reading instruction for English language learners, and another review on effective programs for English language learners.
  • Completion of a three-year randomized study evaluating embedded multimedia (using video clips during teacher presentations) and computer-assisted tutoring, which found improved reading outcomes for these strategies.
  • Operation of the federally-funded Center for Data-Driven Reform in Education (CDDRE) that is working with 59 high-poverty school districts in seven states to help them make effective use of the data they collect, and to select research-proven instructional programs. The center's reading and math benchmark assessments, which help schools and districts plan and assess their progress, are now online and in use in more than 300 Pennsylvania school districts.
  • Creation of the Best-Evidence Encyclopedia (BEE), which includes extensive reviews of research on elementary and secondary reading and math, programs for struggling readers, early childhood education, and other reviews.
  • Development, in conjunction with Success for All, of projects in middle school reading, elementary expository reading, elementary writing, and after-school programs.
  • Creation of the first-ever all-literature review of research findings on instruction in elementary and secondary level mathematics and secondary level reading programs.

  • Working in project Ex-CELL (Excellence and Challenge: Expectations for Language Learners) at New York City middle and high school grades to create a common set of standards that can inform language curriculum, assessment, teacher preparation, and professional development. The two-year project is funded by the Carnegie Foundation.
  • Directorship, in collaboration with Learning Point Associates, of the National Charter School Resource Center, a federally funded institute designed to disseminate research evidence and best practices to charter schools, state education agencies, and charter school organizations.