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School of Education at Johns Hopkins University


Make a Difference in the World.  Be an educator.

Earn a Masters of Arts in Teaching degree and receive full-tuition support and a $20,000 living stipend

The Baltimore Education Fellows is an exciting scholarship opportunity for recent graduates from JHU's Krieger School of Arts and Sciences to enter the field of education – not as observers but as active change agents in transformative education who want to make a real difference. The scholarship provides full-tuition support and a living stipend for five deserving and highly-qualified candidates.

JHU graduates are among the most academically talented, self-motivated, and socially conscious individuals in the world.  They know how to use data to maximize their academic performance, conduct research to identify effective solutions to problems they encounter, and use their competitive nature to consistently push themselves and others towards higher levels of personal growth. To foster the next generation of the best and brightest K-12 minds in our society, we need the best and the brightest in education to lead in teaching, administration, research and policy.

The Baltimore Education Fellows scholarship was created in response to an increasing number of graduating JHU undergraduates interested in urban education reform and opportunities for success as leaders in 21st century schools.  Specifically, these students want to reframe their research experience gained at JHU, move beyond observation and be engaged in identifying creative solutions to education’s greatest challenges.

Who Should Consider the Baltimore Education Fellows Scholarship?

Highly-skilled, civic-minded JHU graduates who aspire to:

  • a deeper understanding of urban education challenges in Baltimore and beyond
  • designing innovative solutions to improve student achievement in K-12 public schools 
  • thrive in diverse educational environments with individuals from a variety of backgrounds
  • advocate for equitable education and social justice
  • further their own  organizational, leadership and interpersonal skills to make a difference

For more details, visit our program page.