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2017 Ceremony 


Speaker Calls Graduates ‘Guardians of Dreams, Gatekeepers of Greatness’

Echoing His Father, Mark Shriver Calls for a National Examination of Conscience

Kennedy Scion to Deliver Commencement Address


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2017 SOE Graduation  




Society of Excellence Awards


2017 Society of Excellence Awards  


Johns Hopkins University Alumni Association Excellence in Teaching Award
Awarded to university faculty, teaching assistants, and junior members who excel in the art of instruction.
Aparna Ramaswamy, PhD

Al Thormeyer Award
Awarded to a Master of Arts in Teaching student who exemplifies the spirit and dedication of its namesake.
Megan O’Leary

Dianne Tobin Memorial Award
School of Education faculty created this award in her honor to recognize those who have demonstrated excellence in teaching.
Kimberly Sterin, MAT '12

Edward F. Pajak, Jr. Award
Awarded to an alumna/us of the School of Education’s EdD program. The recipient is a K-12 school leader who has demonstrated visionary leadership through the application of progressive educational theory to the practice of serving communities, families and youth.
Jimmie Lynn Walker, EdD '16

The MEHP Alumni Award
This award is given to the alumna/us who has demonstrated impact in the global transformation of health professions education through scholarship, leadership, and commitment to excellence.
Marjorie Runyon Jenkins, MD, MEHP '15

Student Excellence Awards

Awarded to outstanding students who have demonstrated academic excellence, leadership, and collaboration with peers.

Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Mary Guirguis Hanna

School Counseling
Tracey Gearhart

Educational Studies, TFA
Adam Mogilevsky

Educational Studies, Interdisciplinary
Zyrashae Smith

Administration and Supervision
Sharonda Willingham

Special Education
Hannah Temme

Public Safety Leadership - Intelligence Analysis
Kate Lowe

Public Safety Leadership - Organizational Leadership
John Warchal

Public Safety Leadership - Undergraduate
Dennis Delp

Rachel Salas, MD