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Phyllis McDonald: SOE Faculty 

Phyllis Parshall McDonald EdD

Associate Professor
(410) 516-9869
6740 Alexander Bell Drive
Columbia, MD 21046

Program Affiliations



Phyllis McDonald conducts research, manages special projects, teaches leadership and other courses for undergraduate and graduate students for the Division of Public Safety Leadership and School of Education, and works with local public safety agencies on special issues. Since 2000, she has completed funded projects for the following agencies: Federal Transit Administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation; Transportation Security Administration of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security; State of Maryland; Delaware State Police; and the Metro Transit Police of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. She has received funding from the State of Maryland’s Motor Vehicle Administration and the Urban Health Initiative in Baltimore. She conducts voluntary projects with both the Metro Transit Police and the Department of Safety of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. She serves on the Professional Standards and Image and Ethics Committee of the International Association of Chiefs of Police), and as co-chair of the SOE Curriculum, Accreditation, and Assessment Committee.  

Prior to joining the PSL faculty in 2000, she spent 20 years working local police agencies, as well as five years as a senior program manager for the National Institute of Justice of the U.S. Department of Justice. She served New York City’s Transit Police for five years, achieving the rank of a three-star executive commander, and was a superintendent of professional standards with the Dayton (Ohio) Police Department, where she served at the sworn rank of major and managed 11 divisions. Her most popular publication, “Managing Police Operations: Implementing the New York Crime Control Model—CompStat,” is required reading for promotion exams by some police agencies, and was published by Wadsworth Publishing in 2002.


B. A. and M. A. State University of New York at Albany 1956, 1964
Ed. S. and Ed. D George Washington University 1968, 1972

Courses Taught

Research and Evaluation—From Theory to Practice Program Evaluation
Social Problems in Contemporary Society
Comparative Studies in History and Politic
Management: Power and Influence
Case Studies in Leadership

Grants and Contracts Awarded

Research/Evaluation Projects

Understanding the Technology of Firearms Violence Reduction: A Micro-policing Approach, ($100,000), Submitted to the USDOJ National Institute of Justice, April 2015.

State of Maryland—MVA, 2013, Develop a new rehabilitative course for multiple ticketed drivers, $50,000.

Urban Health Initiative, $10,000, Evaluate the capacity of a Baltimore City High School to provide emergency management courses.

Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration 2011-2012, Evaluate targeted violations and develop training based on analysis $50,000

Mercer University, Division of Public Safety Leadership 2011, Identify areas of improvement in preparation for Southern States Accreditation Review Travel only

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), DHS 2009, Evaluate potential for technology in classrooms Travel only

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center/CNA (FLETC), DHS 2008, Conduct comparison program evaluation of contract vs. staff trainers $35,000

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), DHS 2007, Evaluate impact of funding practices $ 35,000

Federal Transit Administration (USDOT) 2006-2009, Evaluate Transit Security Training Nationally $350,000

Federal Transit Administration (USDOT) 2006-2009, Develop Instructional Design Model for Transit Security Training $350,000

US Capitol Police (USCP)/with EL 2005, Evaluate the training division of the USCP and develop recommendations for improvement $59,485

Federal Transit Administration/TSA (DHS) 2005-2008, Develop Electronic newsletter for transit security $ 88,234

COPS Office, USDOJ 2003-2005, Develop identity theft policies for law enforcement $250,000

Federal Transit Administration, USDOT 2003-2004, Needs evaluation and development of counter terrorism training for transit agencies $330,000

Federal Transit Administration 2003-2004, Evaluation of FTA contracted security courses $450,000

Governor’s Commission on Crime Reduction and Prevention 2002

Exploratory study of model patrol commanders $88,000, State of Maryland

Training Grants

Baltimore City Police 2004
Conduct crime analysis Training $50,000

Federal Transit Administration 2005
Develop strategic counter terrorism training for transit managers $350,000

Federal Transit Administration/TSA 2006--2011
Conduct strategic counter terrorism training for transit managers $958,731

Strategic Counter Terrorism Training for Transit Managers—Transit Agencies
a. New Jersey Transit 2008, 2010 $30,000
b. State of Hawaii 2008 $41,765
c. Metro Transit Police, Washington, D.C. 2011 $21,329

Develop and Conduct National Round Tables
COPS Office, USDOJ 2003 $ 5,000
Federal Transit Administration 2004, 2005, 2006 (2) $875,000

Recent Publications and Presentations

McDonald, P. and Chief M. Kehoe (2015) Police Active Shooter Aftermath Management (Submitted to IACP, July 2015)

McDonald, P. (2011) Application of Drone Technology to Law Enforcement. Unpublished technical paper for IACP Professional Standards, Image and Ethics Committee

McDonald, P. and Patricia Robinson, (2010) When the Guilty Walk Free: The Role of Policing, Police Chief Magazine, October, 2010

McDonald, P., et al (2010) When the Guilty Walk Free, Police Chief Magazine. Vol. 77, No. 10, October 2010

McDonald, P., et al (2009) Curriculum Development Guidelines. USDOT, Federal Transit Administration. For distribution to contractors

McDonald, P., et al (2007) Identity Theft National Strategy and Best Practices. COPS Office, USDOJ.

McDonald, P. (2004). Implementing CompStat: Critical points to consider. Police Chief Magazine. Vol. 71, No. 1, January.