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Christina Harnett: SOE Faculty 

Christina Harnett PhD

Associate Professor
(410) 516-9874
6740 Alexander Bell Drive
Columbia, MD 21046

Program Affiliations

Master of Education in the Health Professions; Police Executive Leadership Program; Immigrations and Customs Enforcement


Christina Harnett is a licensed psychologist and associate professor (Clinical) in the Counseling and Human Services Program. In addition to teaching courses in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program, she teaches in the Master in Education in Health Professions Program, an inter-school educational initiative. She has developed several online courses within and outside of the counseling program. Her scholarship and training experience focus on stress management and resilience development in professional populations, as well as in promoting resilience in first responders to include military members, law enforcement professionals and teachers. She has presented to, or trained, these groups regionally, nationally and internationally.

Harnett has extensive clinical experience in working with adults in a variety of settings, including the practice of behavioral medicine in a hospital, where she was director of behavioral medicine and coordinator of training for an APA-Accredited Doctoral Clinical Psychology Internship Program. She has served as psychologist to professional schools within a university counseling center and also worked in private practice. She is trained in the use of hypnosis and relaxation strategies for promotion of health and wellness, and has given expert witness testimony at both state and federal court levels. Her focus on supporting the military post-9/11 led to her involvement in the Maryland National Guard’s Yellow Ribbon Program where she served for several years as part of their mental health team.

In addition, she has extensive experience in teaching in higher education, holding previous appointments on the psychology faculty, coordinator of psychology practica and director of a graduate clinical psychology program. Harnett is a member of the American Psychological Association, Baltimore Psychological Association and International Critical Incident Stress Foundation. She has been awarded medals for meritorious service from both the Maryland Department of the Military and the U.S. Army. Her publications are centered on deployment issues related to the National Guard and Reserves and their families.


M.B.A. Loyola University, 1989, Executive Studies
Ph.D. The Catholic University of America, 1981, Personality Psychology
M.A. The Catholic University of America, 1980, General Psychology
M.A. Loyola University, 1978, Clinical Psychology
B.S. Towson University, 1976, Psychology

Courses Taught

Theories and Counseling Practices

Counseling Practicum

Individual and Group Dynamics


Human Growth and Development

Introduction to Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Counseling Military Families

Mentoring in Health Professions Education Programs (MEHP)

Ensuring Learning through Assessment and Feedback (MEHP)

Grants and Contracts Awarded

Johns Hopkins Preparedness and Emergency Response Center (JH-PERCC): Pilot Research Project, Applying the Extended Parallel Process Model to Willingness-to-Respond in the fire system and in law enforcement (Co-Investigator) 2011-2012.

Recent Publications and Presentations

Publications and Conference Proceedings (Peer-Reviewed)

Harnett, C. (2012). Supporting National Guard and Reserve members, and their families. In A. Rubin, J. Coll, & E. Weiss (Eds.) Handbook of Military Social Work (pp. 335-358). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

Harnett, C. & Gafney, M. (2011). Ensuring equality after the war for National Guard and Reserve Forces: Revisiting the Yellow Ribbon Initiative. In D. Kelly, S. Barksdale & D. Gitelson (Eds.) Treating young veterans: Promoting resilience through advocacy and practice (pp.175-218). New York, NY: Springer Publishers, LLC.

Harnett, C. & DeSimone, J. (2011). Managing the return of the young veteran to the workplace: Navigating the stormy seas of the homeland. In D. Kelly, S. Barksdale & D. Gitelson (Eds.) Treating young veterans: Promoting resilience through advocacy and practice (pp. 219-258). New York, NY: Springer Publishers, LLC.

Eith, C., Harnett, C, & Abras, C. (2016/October). Critical incident communication skills for 21st century teachers: Facilitating student wellness. Proceedings of the 18th Ireland International Conference on Education, Dublin, Ireland.

Harnett, C., Abras, C., & Houck, M. (2016/April). Discounting resilience: A case of educational malpractice. Keynote Address in Proceedings of the World Congress on Special Needs Education, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Houck, M., Harnett, C., & Abras, C. (2016, April) Outreach strategies for forging partnerships to improve the quality of student learning outcomes: Changing roles for the academic librarian. Proceedings of the 17th Ireland International Conference on  Education, Dublin, Ireland.

Abras, C., Harnett, C., & Eith, C. (2016, April).  Academic freedom versus guided instructional design for eLearning: A tale of two models. Proceedings of the 17th  Ireland International Conference on Education, Dublin, Ireland.

Harnett, C., Abras, C., & Eith, C. (2015, April). Fostering development of dispositions through distance learning: Models for course and curricular design. Proceedings of the 15th Ireland International Conference on Education, Dublin, Ireland.

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Abras, C., & Harnett, C. (2013, February). Creating reusable learning objects for just-in-time training. Proceedings of the 12th World Congress on Stress, Trauma, and Coping: Navigating the Next Era of Crisis & Disaster Response. Ellicott City, MD: ICISF, Inc.

Gafney, M., Harnett, C., & Martin, J. (2011). Addressing veterans’ needs: Best partnership practices, Military Plenary Session, Proceedings of the 11th World Congress on Stress, Trauma, and Coping: Mapping the Future of Crisis and Disaster Response.  Ellicott City, MD: ICISF, Inc.