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Learning in the Senior Years

As our population ages, it is interesting to note that many people who would in the past have been considered "old" do not feel or behave in that way. Many continue to take courses at universities, community colleges, and community centers. Many travel with Elderhostel groups or other organizations that offer opportunities to learn about parts of the world where they have never been. Many find volunteering in schools or other community organizations especially rewarding. And many are becoming conscious of ways to keep mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy and young. We invite you to share your thoughts on this subject.


Successful Aging of the Healthy Brain
Marian Diamond shows us how to keep our brains active and healthy throughout our lifetime.

Optimizing Memory in the Adult Brain for Effectiveness in a Multitasking Society
Donalee Markus
The author is a psychologist who has worked for many years with Dr. Reuven Feuerstein in his pioneering "teaching intelligence" program. She describes new skills she has developed for improving memory in the adult and senior years.

Is September University for You?
Charles Hayes
The author describes how the senior years offer the possibility of "sifting wisdom from lived experience" and making a commitment to reflection and ongoing learning

How To Become An Elder: The Sharing of Mature Story Engrams
Dr. Renée Fuller describes the gifts that come from a lifetime of experience.

Aging With The Story Engram: The Final Gift
Dr. Renée Fuller shares more of the about the cognitive gains that can come with aging.

International Connections: Creating "Magic" for Young and Old
Dorothy E. Dubia
A program to help kids and provide elders with an opportunity to share their lifelong wisdom and talents.

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Johns Hopkins Health After 50
Johns Hopkins maintains several websites offering current information on the health issues associated with aging.

Inside the Brain: An Interactive Tour
Explains basic concepts about the brain and what happens to it in Alzheimer's disease. Viewers navigate at their own pace through 16 illustrated screens and follow colored text links that highlight key areas and special features of each illustration.


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