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Global Education Professional Development

Global Education Professional Development Programs

Starting in early October, the following non-credit courses in global education will be offered throughout the 2013-2014 academic year. See course calender. Each course is $225 and continuing education units* are available.

Introduction to Global Urban Education

This course examines some of the most perplexing issues in global education today. Course themes: (1) comparative education (2) education and global development (3) education in emergencies and (4) global education within and beyond the classroom. Students will be able to reach out to global colleagues, integrate these issues into their own practice, and learn more about the global role of teachers. For details or to register

Educating Girls

Educated girls are 50% more likely to immunize their children in the future. With an extra year of education, a girl can earn up to 20% more as an adult. A child born to a literate mother is 50% more likely to survive past the age of 5. This course focuses on the continued education of teachers as multipliers of change. Course themes: access, public health, natural and national disasters, and empowerment. For details or to register

Peace and Human Rights

In her introduction to the Encyclopedia of Peace Education, Monisha Bajaj writes: "One of the founding principles of peace education initiatives is that learners can develop a sense of possibility that enables them to become agents of social change." The aim of this course is not just to present the theoretical foundations of peace education but to also engage educators in translating theory into practice and in thinking critically about how peace education can most effectively enter their classrooms, schools, and communities.

If wars begin in the human mind, then it is through our minds - through education - that war can be vanquished by peace. This course can make a difference. For details or to register

*CONTINUING EDUCATION UNITS: Students who successfully fulfill course requirements will earn three (3) Johns Hopkins University School of Education Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Please see our Frequently Asked Questions section below for more information about CEUs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cancellation/Refund Policy: Students may drop a course without financial penalty up to the date of the first class by emailing There will be a $25.00(USD) fee on all refunds. If you are a Wisconsin resident please visit refund policy.