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Online Educational Leadership Institute 

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Johns Hopkins School of Education (SOE)

"In the 21st century education sector, the public school systems, private education companies and social entrepreneurs must all learn to lead in a volatile and rapidly changing environment. Our new online institute will provide educational innovators, entrepreneurs, and providers the knowledge and skills they need to address the challenges they face on a day to day basis and to have greater overall impact in their work." Henry Smith, SOE Assistant Professor, SOE’s Partnerships in Educational Transformation.

Featuring high-level courses, the Online Educational Leadership Institute offers educators the opportunity for advanced study in a carefully designed program addressing many of the leadership issues facing 21st century educational organizations. Courses include:

Entrepreneurial Education Leadership

This course examines the foundations, process, and practice of leadership, at the individual, group, and organizational levels. From historical to current leadership theories, leadership principles and theoretical concepts are addressed. This course also examines the differences between management and leadership, and explores some of the leadership competencies that promote leadership effectiveness. The focus of the course is on applying what we know about leadership to our leadership challenges in the educational environment.

Politics of Education

This course will explore the nuts and bolts of making and implementing education policy at the federal, state, and local levels. The course will examine the shifting balance of power and how education policy is practiced between and within the levels of government. This will be an important course for anyone interested in leadership positions.

Institute Benefits

  • Participants have the option of applying for one or two courses per semester depending on interest
  • Students earn three graduate credits upon successful completion of each course

Educational Leadership Institute Offerings

851.512 Politics of Education
Federal involvement in education has grown enormously in recent decades with calls for national standards and increasing reliance on standardized tests. While state legislatures and school boards traditionally provide funding and policy, mayors, parents and advocates of charter schools are seeking to redefine the nature of local control. Education leaders should understand the politics of education; the swiftly changing balance of power; and how education politics is practiced between and within the levels of government and the public. Students will study and analyze current issues and case studies that focus on the politics of education.
882.641 Entrepreneurial Education Leadership
This course engages the learner in understanding leadership traits and behaviors, particularly entrepreneurism, and the need for entrepreneurial leadership in educational organizations. Readings, discussions, and examples will support the development of knowledge about leadership, entrepreneurial thinking, learning and innovation. By developing a keen awareness of the competencies associated with Entrepreneurial Education Leadership at the individual, group, and organizational levels, the learner will create a leadership strategy to address their own educational leadership challenges as they continue the work of self-directed leadership development.

Cost: $2370 per three credit course

Application Requirement: Master’s degree

Apply now for Graduate Special Student admission here. Select Graduate Special [Non-Degree]. Then choose the Non-Degree Graduate Special Student in Education option and follow the application steps. Once accepted, you will register through JHU's SIS system. Available courses are listed below by session. Click on a course title to expand the full description.


Contact our admissions team at or (877) JHU-SOE1.

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