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Severe Disabilities (MSDE Certification - Severely and Profoundly Disabled)

This 36-credit graduate degree program (leading to Maryland special education certification in severe disabilities [birth-grade 12]) prepares individuals to teach students whose educational priorities include specialized instruction and support in areas of independent living and adaptive behavior.

The program's curriculum addresses legal issues; instructional planning; applied behavioral principles; interdisciplinary programming; medical and physical aspects; cognition and language development; augmentative communication instruction; motor, hearing, and vision management; independent living skills instruction; and emerging literacy instruction. Graduates are eligible for Maryland special education certification in the area of severe and profound disabilities.

Students who possess an undergraduate degree in special education may substitute elective courses with permission from the program adviser. All students must complete two internships, a Graduate Student Project (with presentation), a Graduate Student Portfolio, and pass all required Praxis and Comprehensive exams before program completion.

Admissions Requirements
Special Education Milestone Dates
Program Plan

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Faculty Contact
Dr. Tamara Marder

Academic Coordinator
Lori Scott, (410) 516-7928

Terri Core

"As a Pre-K education manager in Baltimore City Public Schools, I was responsible for the professional development of early education teachers. My improved skill set from being in the Hopkins program has had direct benefits for my work. I’ve learned new ways to make more learning materials available to teachers and I’m now working on innovative ways ipads can be used to support literacy and math instruction in PreK classrooms. This program is preparing me for life in the digital age."

Terri Core - master’s program in Special Education Technology