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Severe Disabilities (MSDE Certification – Generic Special Education)

This 36-credit graduate degree program (with the option for MSDE Certification in Special Education: Severely & Profoundly Disabled (birth through grade 12) prepares individuals to teach students whose educational priorities include specialized instruction and intensive support in areas of independent living and adaptive behavior. This degree also includes courses appropriate for teachers working with students identified on the Autism Spectrum.

The program's curriculum addresses legal issues; instructional planning; applied behavioral programming; collaborative programming; medical and physical aspects; communication and social skills; augmentative communication instruction; motor, hearing, and vision management; community and independent living skills instruction.

Graduates of this program may be eligible to apply for Maryland Special Education certification.  Graduates seeking state certification will need to complete four reading courses, which are listed as prerequisites on the program planner.  Along with the required coursework, students must complete the following milestones: 1) achieve qualifying scores on the Praxis I/Core tests (or one of the alternative State approved tests) prior to admission, 2) achieve a passing score on the Special Education Praxis II test prior to the second internship, 3) pass the master’s comprehensive exam and 4) complete a Graduate Student Project/Presentation to successfully earn a Master’s degree.

Admissions Requirements
Special Education Milestone Dates
Program Plan


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Faculty Contact
Dr. Tamara Marder

Academic Coordinator
Camilla Mika-Simms
(410) 516-9760

"As a special educator, I am always seeking new insight into the best methods and instructional practices for use with students with low-incidence disabilities.  Johns Hopkins Master's of Science program in special education, emphasizing severe to profound disabilities, has given me invaluable knowledge that I use every day to improve the lives of my students.”

Abby Hohne
Resource Teacher, Forbush School