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Part-time Master of Arts in Teaching

The part-time Master of Arts in Teaching option is designed for career changers and for individuals who need more flexibility to earn teaching certification. This 39-credit option begins each semester and allows students to progress in the course work at their own pace within the 5-year time limit set for completion of the degree. Candidates take courses with full-time MAT candidates at both the Baltimore and Columbia campuses. Successful candidates are eligible for certification and earn the degree of Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT).  As the final step in the program, candidates complete a full-time, 100-day clinical internship over two semesters during which time they are not allowed to hold outside employment, unless they are a full-time teacher in their own private or public school classroom.

  • 39 credits earned over a maximum five-year period
  • Results in eligibility for initial certification in Maryland
  • Certification areas include elementary and secondary education in the content areas of English, mathematics, science (biology, chemistry, earth/space science, physics), and social studies
  • 1 pre-internship in a school or community educational organization
  • 1 clinical internship in schools that partner with SOE
  • Combination of face-to-face and some on-line courses in summer, fall, and spring semesters and the January intercession
  • Classes locations will be divided between Homewood and Columbia campuses
  • Financial support available through financial aid and scholarships


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Faculty Contact
William Sowders, Ph.D.

Academic Coordinator
Liesl McNeal