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Program Goals and Objectives

Upon completion of the Ed.D. each graduate should:

  • Be prepared to participate in a diverse community of educational practice.
  • Contribute to the public discourse on improvement of education.
  • Engage in and promote evidence-based practices through the application of rigorous methodology.
  • Link education research to policy and practice.
  • Provide leadership in their education context by applying advanced theoretical perspectives to Problems of Practice.
  • Be able to develop mutually beneficial partnerships between public and private interests.
  • Be able to lead innovative education policy.


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Faculty Contact
Dr. Stephen Pape

Academic Program Administrator
Janet Mason

Janelle Bradley

“I’m very impressed with the design of this program, especially the course sites and orientation modules. As a student, it’s reassuring to know that my learning is being supported in such a well-thought out and organized environment.”

-Nicholas Sproull
EdD Doctoral Student, Associate Director of High School Review for NCAA