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Program Goals

Upon successful completion of the Ed.D., we expect each graduate will:

  • Contribute to the public discourse on improvement of education.
  • Engage in and promote evidence-based practices through the application of scholarly research.
  • Link education research to policy and practice.
  • Provide leadership in his or her education context by applying advanced theoretical perspectives to Problems of Practice.
  • Be able to develop mutually beneficial partnerships between public and private interests.
  • Be able to lead innovative education policy and practice.

Contact Us

Faculty Contact
Dr. Stephen Pape (on sabbatical)
Dr. Christine Eith

Academic Program Administrator
Janet Mason

Christine King

“I like the interdisciplinary nature of the EdD program. As someone who has worked with high-risk youth, children are having more socioemotional issues at an earlier age. I’m attempting to draw parallels between health and education to demonstrate there is a need in schools to educate the whole child.”

Christine King
EdD, Doctoral Student