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Teacher Leadership: Instructional Leadership in School Settings

The Graduate Certificate in Teacher Leadership prepares teachers to improve their knowledge and skills in the area of leadership in the movement to improve public education. As responsibilities associated with their roles expand, teachers are increasingly called upon to exercise greater influence in schools. Teacher empowerment and distributed leadership are key concepts addressed in this program.

The program objectives are to:

  • Equip teachers with the knowledge and skills they need to function successfully as leaders in their schools
  • Provide experiences that prepare teachers to improve instruction through collaboration with other professional colleagues
  • Develop knowledge and skills needed for effective team leadership
  • Familiarize teachers with critical issues and practices related to improved teaching and learning
  • Enable teachers to become contributing members of learning communities

Requirements (15 credits)

851.648 Team Leadership
This course is designed for school leaders, including administrators, supervisors, and teachers, who want to improve their knowledge and ability to facilitate change in the classroom, school, or district. The course is based on the premise that educational leaders devote considerable time working in group situations. The course is based on research and theory in education and other fields related to individual, group, intergroup, and organizational development. Opportunities are provided for participants to explore and practice various strategies with special emphasis on how these relate to change in educational settings.
883.506 Alternative Methods for Measuring Performance
Participants explore practical classroom assessment methods that promote and measure learning. The course concentrates on performance-based assessments, including performance tasks, portfolios, and scoring rubrics. Students plan and develop performance-based assessments which require the thoughtful application of knowledge and skills in authentic contexts.
851.610 Mentoring and Peer Coaching
Students review literature and acquire knowledge and skills needed for mentoring beginning teachers and working collaboratively with veteran colleagues on improving instruction. Theories concerning the social and psychological aspects of teacher career development are studied, along with the impact of school climate and culture on teacher collegiality.
851.630 School, Family, and Community Collaboration for School Improvement I
Participants examine the theory, research, and best practices on school, family, and community partnerships. Individuals explore different types of partnerships, challenges to developing school-based partnership programs, and the components of effective partnership programs that enhance student performance and success. Participants design an action plan for partnerships to address school improvement goals.
855.610 Seminar in Teacher Leadership
Students in the final year present and evaluate their projects and plans for implementing change in their work environments. In addition, participants examine selected topics and current issues in educational leadership.


Gainful Employment Disclosure

In accordance with US Department of Education regulations, the JHU School of Education is required to disclose graduation rate data, median loan debt data, and other select information for all Title IV eligible gainful employment programs. To see the most recent data available for this gainful employment program, please view the attached disclosure.

Note: Fewer than 10 students graduated from this program in the 2012-13 academic year. Therefore, in accordance with US Department of Education guidelines on student privacy, the on-time completion rate and median loan debt data are not published. The JHU School of Education is seeking to change the CIP code currently assigned to this specific program to a more appropriate designation. The restrictions imposed by the current US Department of Education online disclosure form limit the number of jobs related to this program that can be displayed in this disclosure: the job(s) listed here represent only a sample of the jobs related to the program.


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